What if… Weston was re-imagined and repurposed, step by step, to become a thriving and vital place to live, work and visit?

The microplan from the Weston Placemaking Strategy

SuperWeston is the new Placemaking Strategy for Weston-super-Mare, presenting a new regeneration vision for the next decade.

A creative team led by Turner Works spent months listening to thousands of people who live in, work in or visit Weston. People expressed a great deal of pride about the town and described ambitions for change.

The pandemic

Then COVID-19 and the March 2020 lockdown happened.

It had a sudden and severe impact on the local economy that usually attracts millions of visitors over the spring and summer months. It also stimulated community-led activity to protect the vulnerable and connect people with support networks.

The pandemic has transformed working patterns for many people. With full fibre broadband, transport connections, productive and affordable workspaces alongside good quality and relatively affordable housing stock, Weston is well set up for occasional commuting and local working.


Eight strategic objectives shape a set of projects and initiatives across the town. These are:

  • Weston wellbeing
  • Active Weston
  • Green Weston
  • Carbon Neutral Weston
  • Weston Experience
  • Learn Weston
  • Work Weston
  • Live Weston

Meanwhile tactics

Using vacant space in the town can stimulate new business models and deliver social value. Lighter, quicker and cheaper projects galvanise grassroots and cultural activity and provide low risk space to try things out.

Weston Constitutional/Weston Peculiar

Weston has strong north-south axes of movement and activity. Millions of people a year walk up and down the promenade, enjoying the beach and visiting attractions, particularly in the peak summer months. Now connected to the English Coastal Path and National Cycle Network, it is more of a year round amenity – somewhere to ‘take your constitutional’ on a cold and wet day.

Encouraging footfall into the town centre is an important ambition of the Strategy

Cultural places, public spaces and intriguing businesses can be found in-land along another strong north-south axis (the ‘peculiar’) from Weston Woods and the Hillfort, through the Town Quarry, down through Grove Park to the High Street and Dolphin Square.

Inclusive opportunity

The objectives and projects presented in the strategy are designed to be inclusive and create value and opportunity for Weston people. Weston can provide skills and secure employment, new and better homes and improved health outcomes through:

  • Digital connectivity
  • Business support
  • Skills and employability
  • More and better homes
  • Town centre consolidation
  • General Stores and the Sovereign Centre
  • New primary health care
  • The experience economy

Arts, culture and heritage

Weston is full of creative activity set within a beautiful Victorian seaside town centre and attracts talent from across the country. This drives multiple placemaking and inclusive growth outcomes for Weston people. Historic England and Arts Council England are key investment partners for the town supporting the Heritage Action Zones and Culture Weston.

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