Cycle the kids to school, run along the beach and in the woods. Work and study locally in a bustling Victorian town centre or on the coast throughout the day. Back to your dream home with views of the sea and the hills. Your work-life balance is achievable here in Weston.

Weston-super-Mare has great connectivity, beautiful housing stock, productive workspace, good schools and a thriving further and higher education footprint. It has several lovely parks, an abundance of clean air and close access to rural and coastal landscapes.

The town centre is really compact, walkable and cyclable. It has a burgeoning creative scene, plenty of independent businesses, cultural places and spaces, and attracts visitors to year-round attractions. 

These ingredients are a compelling proposition for an economy and lifestyle that can be modelled around local working instead of the daily grind of commuting.   

A compact seaside town centre where everything is walkable and cyclable
Weston Woods and the Iron Age Hill Fort sit high above the town centre
Culture Weston is driving inclusive creative activity across the town
Weston is awash with streets of lovely housing stock
Weston College is a regional skills powerhouse and a leading partner of the Institute of Technology
A place set up to support your wellbeing
Grand Pier is an institution on the seafront throughout the year
Weston welcomes creative talent
Grove Park is one of a number of tranquil gardens and open spaces in the town

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