Welcome to Super Weston

Weston is undergoing a renaissance, where beach-side living, creativity and capital investment is attracting new residents in their droves.

People who are keen to live a more balanced lifestyle next to the sea, without compromising on the opportunities of living close to cosmopolitan cities of Bristol and Bath which are just a 30-minute train ride away.

Super Weston is the strategy to regenerate the town of Weston-super-Mare providing you with links to all that is ‘super’ about Weston.

Kite surf, sea swim, discover your creativity.

Work-life balance is not some unreachable nirvana. It’s right here in Super Weston.

Live the outdoors life

Be active and healthy with endless options for outdoors activities: Paddle-board, kite-surfing or swim in cold water. You only get these experiences on the coast. Or explore the cycle paths by bike, on foot, on horse, or even on your roller skates.

Re-balance life and work

Live in a place that takes your leisure time seriously. The business community is growing and thriving. It’s a community with a modern attitude that appreciate your need for downtime and recognise that it’s one of the reasons you live by the coast.

Adventure with your kids

Build a sandcastle, take a bike ride, visit the iconic cultural attractions. Your children will never be bored with living in this vibrant area.

Find your community

Join a cold-water swimming club, or the roller-skating social, or the community of dog walkers. You can find your tribe in Weston.

Rekindle your creativity

Delve into the creative hub in Weston and visit local art installations. Get involve with pioneering cultural initiatives and explore the heritage of the area

Drive your business forward

The perfect place to set up business, surrounded by a vibrant community and entrepreneurial minds.

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