The Silica

Distinctive public art representing Weston's seaside location

The Silica in Big Lamp Corner is one of Weston’s public art offerings.

The structure’s spire is often lit with various coloured LED lights, displaying spectacular lighting combinations. It’s 30m tall and is designed to represent the maritime location of Weston-super-Mare, by embodying the ideas of sand, water and light. It’s face is glass-reinforced concrete, with a texture and colour reminiscent of sand, and the shape of the Silica resembles a water droplet. Although it’s affectionately known by locals as ‘The Carrot’ for its shape.

Arriving here in 2006, Silica forms part of the Civic Pride initiative for Weston-super-Mare. That means that it’s identified within the larger public art strategy for the town, which aims to connect people with places and spaces.

The structure incorporates a bus shelter and kiosk in its base and a moving band of text, used to display messages and public information. It is the work of Wolfgang and Heron, a partnership of artists Wolfgang Buttress and Fiona Heron.


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