Marine Lake

A safe place to swim on Weston's seafront

Come to Weston’s Marine Lake to enjoy this hive of activity for swimmers and water-sports.  The Lake attracts all sorts of people including athletes who want to train, and families taking a scenic day out by the sea.

At over 200 metres long, the Marine Lake is thought to be the largest infinity lake in the world.

A bit of history…

After a period of dilapidation, the Lake has been restored to its former glory.

With much hard work and effort from the community, and the Mudlarks, around 30,000 tonnes of compacted silt was removed from the lake to create a suitable depth for swimming. New steps were fitted around the lake to help swimmers get in and out of the water.

Vision for the future

North Somerset Council will collaborate with Culture Weston to organise events at the lake, including theatre, live music events, poetry and possibly cinema.

The lake already attracts pop-up vendors like coffee carts and ice-cream vans and in time, longer-term options will appear like cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

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