Culture Weston – transforming the town

Kick-starting cultural collaboration in Weston

What is Culture Weston all about?

Culture Weston is the powerhouse behind all things cultural and creative in Weston-super-Mare.

By putting on events and programmes, Culture Weston gets the local community involved in artistic and creative initiatives across the town. With its free advice sessions for creatives, this cultural hub is supporting burgeoning creative ventures, and particularly those which were stifled during the pandemic.

The vision is for cultural activity to become the heart of daily life in Weston, to inspire residents and to attract more and more visitors. With this vibrant sector championing change in Weston’s physical landscape and positively impacting welfare and innovation, Weston is set to grow apace.

In its first few years, Culture Weston facilitated adventurous events including:

  • Weston Arts & Health Festival
  • GLOW light trail
  • Live at the Quarry
  • In Memoriam

Their upcoming events are listed on their website and cater to all array of interests. From photography to wildlife, gardening, climate change, music, food and drink – Weston is spoiled for choice with cultural events.

“As an organisation we aim to create a context where everyone has the opportunity to do their best work and feel fulfilled, no matter who they are, what they do or where they work.”

How to get involved with Culture Weston

Culture Weston is a hub of activity, full of welcoming friendly folk. As a resident or a visitor, you’re encouraged to get involved as much as you like. Simply attending an event is getting involved.

But if you want to help shape these events for Weston, becoming a Culture Maker is a rewarding pursuit. The Culture Makers are the volunteers that make it all happen. You can sign up for the community of Culture Makers on the website.